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The Best Way To Win At The Casino Is To Steal Chips From The Table

As practice shows, in a number of cases, scams that are gaining worldwide fame turn out to be very simple, moreover, for the most part, they are absolutely not distinguished by sophistication and originality. Yes, the question may arise – how could a banal scheme, which the adventurers turn, work in a casino that is literally stuffed with experienced security personnel, powerful video surveillance systems and security guards?

A bit of specifics

The gang operating in the casino carefully approached the organizational issues – the role of each participant was thought out and the actions were coordinated. This opened up tremendous opportunities for them and, despite the fact that in the end justice overtakes them, the overwhelming number of the gang escapes from just retribution.

How it was?

Representatives of the Commission for the Control of Gambling in Ohio, starting an investigation, said that a whole group, which consists of several dozen people and most of the gang are from the Dominican Republic, is under suspicion. Initially, the investigation had information about 3 affected casinos, however, later information about cases of fraud in a number of other states appeared.

The adventurers worked in an efficient but simple way. The swindlers sat down at the roulette table with low stakes – most often dollar chips were used. In order to successfully crank their scheme, they used lively tables, allowing them to blend in with the crowd, so as not to draw attention to themselves.

Seizing the opportunity, a group of adventurers distracted the hall workers using all sorts of tricks. At this very moment, other participants in the fraud deftly steal chips from the table. Everything, as Einstein bequeathed – when he was asked how to win at a casino, he suggested stealing chips from the table while the dealer couldn’t see.

Then the events developed as follows – the swindlers, taking the chips, went to the recreation areas or to the toilet. Any place was chosen where there was no video surveillance and then the chips were transferred to other gang members. The scheme did not end there – trusted people went to other tables and exchanged chips for a different denomination in order to later exchange them at the checkout.

Investigators recognize the professionalism of the scammers – they were not greedy at all, they clearly played their own roles and, plus everything, very often changed gambling establishments. Skill and a well thought out scheme became the key to success.

End of story

As they say, no luck – in one of the gambling establishments, they noticed the theft of chips and connected specialized services. Already in the summer of 2012, a group of four people was detained in Toledo, Hollywood Casino, but only one gang member was brought to trial and sentenced to a fine.

At the end of the month, law enforcement officers made several more arrests, but only one member of the gang went to prison – for a period of 1 year and with a fine of $ 2,500. The next series of arrests took place a year later, in the summer of 2013. The criminals, as they say, went unconscious and did not cooperate with the investigation. Only one member of the group was able to talk, who said that the gang withdrawn no more than 2 thousand dollars at a time.

Summing up

Symbolic fines and court terms will not put an end to the gang’s activities – perhaps soon we will hear something new about it. By their example, swindlers, by the way, confirm the complete inoperability of any schemes for beating the casino – as Einstein said, the best way to win is to steal chips from the table while the dealer does not see. We are for fair gambling.…